About Us

Scott A. Wertz, PharmD - Scott has been working at the Medicine Shoppe as a pharmacist since July 2002. He graduated Cum Laude from Temple University School of Pharmacy in May of that year with his Doctor of Pharmacy degree. He was introduced to the practice of pharmacy through his step-father and previous store owner, Andy Naglak. He enjoys many things about the practice of compounding, but what he likes most is seeing the positive impact customized medicine can have on an individual patient's life.  Scott has spent time educating doctor's and lobbying his representatives on Capitol Hill about the many benefits of compounded medication.  He is an active member of PCCA (Professional Compounding Centers of America) and IACP (International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists). Scott A. Wertz


Barbara Naglak, CPhT - Barbara is the wife of former store owner, Andy Naglak.  She has helped manage the pharmacy since the mid-1980s. Barbara spends the majority of her time assisting with prescription filling and managing many aspects of the business. She earned her pharmacy technician certification in 1998. Barbara Naglak
 Megan Siekierka, CPhT - Megan joined our staff in August 2005 and was initially hired as a traditional retail technician. But the skills she exhibited while occasionally helping in the lab resulted in her taking on a full-time compounding role. She is now our Lab Manager and a team leader in the compounding lab, performing a variety of important tasks throughout the day.  She earned her pharmacy technician certification in September 2013.
 Hollie Smith, CPhT - Hollie joined our team in January 2015, coming to us with valuable experience in retail and hospital settings.  Her desire to work in an environment with a focus on patient care drives her interest in compounding.  She earned her pharmacy technician certification in September 2007.
Jamie Carrier - Jamie has worked at the Medicine Shoppe off and on since the late 1990's.  Her most recent stint began in January 2012.  Besides several retail pharmacy settings, Jamie has also spent time working at a veterinary hospital.  These experiences, along with the variety of important roles she plays during her normal workday, make Jamie a valuable member of our pharmacy team. 
Petra Peterdi - Petra came to us in August 2008. She immediately demonstrated a natural skill and competence in the lab. She spends the majority of her day compounding and is working towards her pharmacy technician certification. Petra Peterdi


Zach Vlasak - Zach started with us in the Spring of 2015.  He is currently pursuing a degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh.  Zach's passion for chemistry is what drives his interest in the profession.  The variety, hands-on element, and insight into formulation development are what he enjoys most about compounding.


Pat Pizzuto - Pat has been with us since 1999. Her day is comprised of a variety of tasks to keep the pharmacy running smoothly. Most importantly, she operates the cash register, helps manage and control inventory and shipping, and is one of the pleasant voices you will hear when calling. Pat Pizzuto
Shirley Nowotarski - Shirley has been with us since the late 1980s, and has been a wonderful asset for the pharmacy over the years. She and Pat share a similar role, with Shirley’s being more of a part-time one. When she is here, it’s likely you’ll be greeted by her friendly voice when calling. Shirley Nowotarski